New Handmade Luxury Jewelry.MARAKECH Art Felted Braided and Beaded Necklace

New Handmade Luxury Jewelry
MARAKECH Art Felted Braided and Beaded Necklace
Art Felted Necklace inspired with beautiful city Marrakech, known as the “Red City”, is an important and former imperial city in Morocco. I’ve always been fascinated with Asia culture, antique mosaic and architecture.
Many felted, crocheted and beaded chords plaited, crocheted and beaded. The necklace has wonderful turquoise accents, added with huge glass beads and antique brass chain. The necklace fastened on crocheted loop and vintage button from my own collection.

Available at my Etsy shop:
Magical Laboratory of Fashion
© COPYRIGHT NOTE: All of my designs, photos and descriptions are protected by copyright. They may not be duplicated, copied, reproduced and/or republished without permission or notice. All rights are reserved.


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