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Magnolia Painting 3D Flower Wall Art, Textured Abstract Canvas, 3D Decoration Princess Room, Shabby Chic Style Sculpture Composition

Stunning new collection of Canvas wall 3D art.
3D Flower with Doll’s Handmade and Hand Painted Head Alice in Wonderland inspired.
Large Blue Rose Flower on White Canvas 8 x8″ Wall Hanging.
Created in authors technique using 3d sculpture painting, tiny handmade and hand painted clay or porcelaine doll’s head and Papier Mâché. Also i use some other porcelain or clay details in my works.
It’s completely unique wall art pieces become a stunning touch to any wall and room! More Flower and Other Designs and Colors Available, I can custom to your decor!
Inspired by our sweetest little baby daughter and
the Flowers of Wonderland appeared in Alice in Wonderland.

Available at my Etsy shop:
Magical Laboratory of Fashion
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