Flower Bridal Clutch Swarovsky Bag, Bridal Purse Clutch. Crystals Roses Box Bag, Gift for Her Pearlized Clutch, Wedding Handbag Prom Purse

This Textured Roses Clutch will be a Stunning Touch to any Bridal look!
Created in my very own authors technique( similar to papier-mache and bas-relief) using organic cotton fibers, silk fibers, cotton fabric, leather and white glue, also known as “wood glue”.
The Roses Clutch is finished with several layers of high quality acrylic pollish.
This clutch has a rich beautiful texture. Painted with high quality white pearlized acrylic paints. This handbag is truly piece of art.

Available at my Etsy shop:
Magical Laboratory of Fashion
© COPYRIGHT NOTE: All of my designs, photos and descriptions are protected by copyright. They may not be duplicated, copied, reproduced and/or republished without permission or notice. All rights are reserved.

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